Meet Cheri .. aka .. the “Hugger”

BD1A7179-EditA lot of you know me ..  for those who don’t .. I’m known on 30A  .. haha ..    and beyond .. as the  “Hugger” ..  yes .. I do hug most all people I meet .. it  feels good and it’s welcoming ..  kind of like our home .. whether it be our  primary home or our vacation home .. when we walk in the door .. we feel the  stress moving away .. for we are now .. in our comfort zone .. it’s like one big  hug.

So .. along with Hugging ..  I sell Real Estate with my husband and Broker Bob ..  we are a family owned real estate company located in Grayton Beach, FL  that’s been in business on the coast for nearly 40 years .. we’re professionals in our field .. and .. we’re here to serve you.

If you’re in the market for a home .. whether it be your primary or secondary ..  I’d love to help you in your search .

Yes ..  I’d love to work for you .. give me a call .. and I promise .. to do all I can to meet your expectations either way.

Big Hug!