Buying Undeveloped Land: Cash Flow Strategies

Earning Cash from Your Land:

If you’re considering buying undeveloped land in Walton County (or anywhere for that matter), you may want to think about what to do with it during the interim period. It may be your plan to re-sell the property at some point or even begin some form of development. If it’s the former, you may want to consider some strategies to adopt that could provide you with cash flow.

Whatever your approach, it always helps to know your options and to keep them open.  Oftentimes, you really cannot afford to just leave the property idle. In that case, you should definitely consider maximizing your resources to gain as much from your investment as possible. Especially since there are external factors which may cause a delay in development.

Fortunately, there are a few approaches you can take.  Just be sure that, whatever you do, it is as low cost as possible.  After all, cash flow only really works if it is crop_1200_650_db_grayton_dunes_lakes_08_making a profit—if you have to pump a lot of money into a property just so it can generate a little income prior to development, you might as well go ahead and begin development as soon as possible.

Below are a couple of ideas for gaining a little extra cash from your undeveloped property:

Storage for Boats, RVs and/or Trailers: Living in the Santa Rosa Beach area, there are several folks who own boats, RVs or even utility trailers that their HOA’s do not provide storage space for, or in most cases, even allow. Most land owners didn’t decide to go into the storage business one day and rush out to find land for said storage business.  In many, if not most, cases they bought the land on speculation or with the intent of eventually developing it.  However, while waiting for the time to be “right” (i.e. appreciation, financing, etc.) renting storage space on it provides a relatively steady income and allows for some tax breaks since the property is now a business and not just sitting idle.

Parking Areas: One common approach—especially in a busy areas that have bee relatively well developed—is to put up a parking lot.

In developed areas, parking is often at a premium, so you can count on having constant business.  Best of all, constructing parking areas is extremely low cost.  Pour some concrete, install a payment machine, arrange with a tow truck operator to haul away miscreants and you’re done. In some cases, parking areas cash flow so well that the owner of the property may choose to simply keep operating it as an ongoing concern. Planning in Zoning in Walton County may have a few issues with some of our cash flow ideas, so it’s always a great idea to touch base with them to insure you’re staying within code.

Logging:Unless you plan on doing the work yourself, and assuming you already own the land, this is a very low cost operation.  In fact, there should be no cost at all.  You contract with a logging company to do the work and they give you a payment.  In essence, what you are doing is selling timber rights to them.  They harvest the trees and take them to the mill.  If you are buying undeveloped land with the intent of having the property cleared for development anyway, they are actually doing some of your work for you.

Campground or Private Park:If the undeveloped land is large enough, then you may want to consider installing a natural campground. You can keep the natural surroundings, install a few RV hookups or tent camping spots and make considerable income…especially if your land is near the beach.

Another option, would be a private nature preserve or park. Cut a few hiking trails, or designate a few wildlife observation areas and ta dah, you have an income that is actually unobtrusive to the natural surroundings of the undeveloped land.

Hopefully, our ideas will get you brainstorming on offsetting some of the costs of owning that undeveloped land. For more ideas or if you’d like to find a great piece of undeveloped land to enact some of our ideas, drop us a message.

Grayton Beach State Park Named Top 10 Beach by Dr. Beach

Dr. Beach has named Grayton Beach State Park one of the top 10 beaches in the world! We are continually impressed with how beautiful Grayton Beach is and are thrilled that it is receiving this recognition! The Florida Panhandle is not only a beautiful place to vacation but an even better place to own a home. Grayton Beach, and the entire Emerald Coast, boast of sugar-white sand and clear emerald green water. The landscape is incomparable, the people are as friendly as they come, and each unique beach town along the coast has a small town feel with the high class amenities of a big city.

One of the reasons why we love what we do is because we love where we live and the houses we sell. When it comes to real estate investing, there is an opportunity in every market. Right now is a great time to buy a home on the Emerald Coast. The prices are still low and sure to continue to rise over the next few years as our area gains more exposure and recognition. Not only is a vacation home a great investment that can net serious rental income, it will be a great place to build unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

Considering a beach home? Consider the Emerald Coast and Beach to Bay Realty. We are watching the trends in our area. Now it is time to take advantage of this buyers’ market and it is a great opportunity to buy before the prices go up.  Beautiful one of a kind homes are available all along 30A and beyond. Whether you are a first time home buyer, you are downsizing, upgrading, or if you are looking for your ultimate dream or vacation home, the time is now.

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Dr. Beach’s Top 10 Beaches: Grayton Beach State Park!

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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida offers a variety of price ranged beach houses, upscale dining, and many unique artist colonies .. SRB also provides several entrances to the Point Washington State Forest, a 15,000-acre preserve. SRB is known for it’s natural scenic beauty, turquoise waters and sugar sand beaches, including one of Travel + Leisure magazine’s “Best Beaches on Earth” for families.

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Buying a Home With Environmental Issues—Endangered Species

In Grayton Beach and the 30A area, we are blessed with a plethora of wildlife areas, natural beauty, and yes, even some endangered species in need of protection…especially when your considering a real estate purchase.

In this day and age, there are a number of varied environmental issues you may face.  Endangered plants or animal species is definitely one of the.  This environmental issue can be one of the more common, and perplexing of the possible road blocks to property usage. Sea Turtles, Sea Oats and other endangered species share our area. It is only right that we ensure their survival.

Discovery of an “endangered” species of plant or animal on a piece of real estate has been known to completely shut down development or any kind of alteration

Photo Courtesty of

on a given piece of property.  One of the best known examples of an endangered species involving development was that of the snail darter in the 1970s.  In that case, the discovery of a few members of the species resulted in the delay of construction of the Tellico Dam in Tennessee… for nearly six years.

When purchasing a piece of property in Grayton Beach or anywhere else in the area, be sure to ask your realtor about possible environmental issues that slow down your progress. You don’t want to find yourself with a piece of property that you cannot use…and you don’t want to harm the endangered species either.  If you don’t have a realtor, we would be more than happy to assist you.


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